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Topic: Site Update June 6th, 2010 1:55 pm
Posted by: Blight

Back online again. Details on the forum in Announcements. For those of you new here, the information on the primary site is kept for archival purposes, and for the most part I will not be updating the main site anymore. The activity, and information on Armored Core is done on the forums, which are still active. I have also created an Official Facebook fan page for the ACGarage, for fans of the site and Armored Core in general. We'll see how that goes.

Topic: Site Update May 1st, 2008 12:39 am
Posted by: Blight

Sorry for the issues with the site recently. I've updated to the latest phpBB version 3, and hopefully that will iron out the issues. I've also fixed the news again so it will display correctly.

Topic: Armored Core September 16th, 2005 9:38 am
Posted by: Blight

Armored Core 4 on the PS3? It has been confirmed at the TGS 2005 that a work in progress, Project Force will be the next in the Armored Core series on the next-gen PS3 console.


  • - There's a video available to all, so you don't have to be an insider to view it, and a small article detailing the name change from Project Force to Armored Core 4. Also has screenshots.
  • - Some screenshots and little more information. According to 1up, the video was running in real-time, no pre-rendered CG (which is usually the case with Armored Core). Very interesting!

Now here's some REALLY interesting news, Armored Core 4 might not be a Playstation only game. There is some information (in Japanese) on the From Software website that indicates Armored Core 4 for the Xbox 360. The information is in a PDF, and is currently illegible for me.

Topic: AC: Last Raven May 23rd, 2005 1:35 pm
Posted by: Blight

Armored Core: Last Raven official, and will have a Japan release of September 4th, 2005.

Official Last Raven site - Translated: Some information, in Japanese or Engrish, about the next in line for the Armored Core series. There is an action packed movie available on the site as well. The game will be released for the PS2, and apparently a Limited Edition will be available as well with special graphics as well as some other benefits (Hard to make out the engrish).

There is also a news post on the forum with more information and links to media.

Topic: Other May 19th, 2005 7:53 am
Posted by: Blight

Armored Core on the Xbox 360?!?

Well not quite... Sega and From Software are working on a new game, Chrome Hounds that sounds very similar though.

From Article: We know one other thing about the title. Sure to please From Software fans, Chrome Hounds will allow for players to customize their mechs, adding parts in all areas, from cockpit to legs. Given the amount of customization offered in From's other titles, we expect to see some original mech creations Online.

Topic: Cool Stuff May 18th, 2005 8:11 am
Posted by: Blight

Some very interesting information on upcoming Hardware for Next Gen systems has been released from E3 2005. It gives us an idea of the mind boggling potential of the new systems as well as high anticipation for Armored Core on the new PS3. O.O

  • Article: PSP and Xbox 360 - Apparently the Xbox 360 will be able to connect with the PSP. To what extent.. well we can only guess, but I'd imagine it's more of a media transfer thing then any sort of game crossover deal.
  • PS3 site - This site might of been up earlier, but you'll definately find some E3 2005 coverage on PS3 here.

You'll also find E3 2005 coverage on G4TV if you get it. You can find info (showtimes etc) on that here.

You can also find this information on other sites, like or, I'm just used to going to IGN.

Topic: AC: Formula Front May 18th, 2005 7:37 am
Posted by: Blight

Agetec releases tons of information about upcoming North American releases of Armored Core games Formula Front (PSP and PS2) and Ninebreaker (PS2) at E3 2005.

Ninebreaker has an August 2005 release date for North America. Formula Front has a Q4 2005 release date according to Agetec's site. The release for Formula Front has been delayed because of changes Agetec is making to the game. In the Japanese version you weren't able to control your AC at all, but Agetec plans on implementing some human controlled gameplay in Formula Front and still allow the PS2 and PSP Formula Front game to work together.

Some interesting stuff here and I'm sure you'll also find more. There was also an interview of Agetec producer on Extended Play on G4TV that had some information on upcoming Armored Core releases, but it was mainly stating what can be read elsewhere.

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